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['Derek Chauvin: Who Is The Police Officer Seen Kneeling On George Floyd’s Neck? may 27, 2020 derek chauvin: who is the police officer seen kneeling on george floyd’s neck? tyler macdonald derek chauvin is the minneapolis, minnesota police officer depicted in the media kneeling on the neck of george floyd, who eventually died of his injury. in the videos of the incident , which has sparked protests in the city of lakes, chauvin is seen keeping his knee on floyd’s neck for over seven minutes. during the incident, floyd pleaded with officers and claimed he wasn’t able to breathe. floyd’s death has led to a public outcry, and his sister, bridgett , believes that chauvin and the other officers involved should be charged with murder. the incident prompted the firing of the four minneapolis police officers involved, including chauvin. the decision was announced by minneapolis police chief medaria arradondo on tuesday and supported by minneapolis mayor jacob frey. chauvin has worked for minneapolis police since 2001 as reported by twincities.com , chauvin began his stint with the minneapolis police academy in october of 2001. throughout his career, chauvin has held positions in the first, third, and fourth precincts, as well as the water works security detail. in 2008, he was awarded a department'
 'Johnson rules out inquiry into lockdown breaches by Cummings by denis staunton boris johnson has ruled out an inquiry into dominic cummings’s apparent breaches of lockdown rules as the number of conservative mps calling publicly for his chief adviser to be sacked reached 44. the british prime minister told the house of commons liaison committee that mr cummings had shown him evidence that his account of his trip from london to durham during lockdown was accurate. but he has not shared that evidence with cabinet secretary mark sedwill and dismissed calls for an inquiry into mr cummings’s actions. “quite frankly, i am not certain that right now an inquiry into that matter is a very good use of official time,” he said. ”we are working flat out on coronavirus.” mr johnson said the story had become the subject of a “political ding-dong” and he rejected the accusation that mr cummings had undermined the government’s moral authority in dealing with the crisis. “i, of course, am deeply sorry for all the hurt and pain and anxiety that people have been going through throughout this period – this country has been going through a, frankly, most difficult time. we are asking people to do quite exceptionally tough things, separating them from'
 "Emily Maitlis won't present Newsnight after Dominic Cummings comments by louise griffin emily maitlis won’t be appearing on newsnight after her comments about dominic cummings . the bbc confirmed to metro.co.uk that katie razzall will be presenting on wednesday night’s episode instead. it’s our understanding that the bbc did not stop or prevent emily from presenting the show, with katie confirming on twitter: ‘just for the record, emily @maitlis has not been asked by the bbc to take tonight off – and if i thought she had been, i certainly wouldn’t have agreed to present the show.’ news bosses at the broadcaster ruled that her comments ‘did not meet’ standards of impartiality. maitlis this week accused prime minister boris johnson and number 10 of ‘blind loyalty’ to cummings in the ongoing row over the aide’s lockdown trip, in what appeared to many as a breach of the bbc impartiality rules. at the beginning of her tuesday night broadcast, she said the pm’s adviser ‘broke the rules’ by taking a controversial 260-mile trip to county durham with his family in march, when lockdown had been put in place. she also said his move ‘made those who struggled to keep to the rules feel like fools’. following uproar from viewers, the"
 'There Are 3 Things We Have to Do to Get People Wearing Masks persuasion works better than compulsion. by angela duckworth, lyle ungar and ezekiel j. emanuel hong kong has so far reported a grand total of four coronavirus-related deaths, while new york city has reported over 20,000. here’s another striking comparison: close to 99 percent of hong kong residents have been wearing masks, to prevent the wearer from spreading the virus, since early february. according to a mid-april gallup poll , only a third of americans say they always wear a mask or cloth face covering outside the home. another third of us sometimes wear a mask in public, and a third never do. universal face mask adoption isn’t the only difference between hong kong and the united states, and it’s not a substitute for physical-distancing, hand-washing and other preventive practices. but masks — even just a scarf, bandanna or an old t-shirt and two rubber bands — are widely viewed as critical to stopping the transmission of the novel coronavirus. nevertheless, face-mask compliance on this side of the pacific has been uneven. this is especially worrisome in closed, crowded spaces like subways and buses , grocery stores and offices where it’s not easy to maintain a distance of six feet from'
 "Hospital outbreak over by kirsten clarke / richmond news photo: glacier media the covid-19 outbreak at richmond hospital is now over, according to richmond's medical health officer dr. meena dawar. dawar provided the update tuesday to the richmond covid-19 community task force. a list of active and recently ended outbreaks, posted to the vancouver coastal health website, notes that restrictions at the hospital were lifted monday. the outbreak, which was declared may 2, affected six people in total, four patients and two staff members, according to the b.c. ministry of health. a ministry spokesperson said monday that some of those infected might have already recovered. dr. meena dewar said last week that the cases were in the medical ward, and not the surgical ward of the hospital."
 'What every Canadian investor needs to know today by terry weber be smart with your money. get the latest investing insights delivered right to your inbox three times a week, with the globe investor newsletter. sign up today . equities canada’s main stock index started higher wednesday alongside broad market optimism over the positive impact of reopening of global economies. wall street’s main indexes also started in the black, with the s&p 500 back above the 3,000 level despite a degree of uncertainty over rising trade tensions between china and the u.s. at 9:42 a.m. et, the toronto stock exchange’s s&p/tsx composite index was up 13.55 points, or 0.09 per cent, at 15,161.67. energy stocks were relatively steady even as crude prices gave back some of the recent gains. financial stocks rose 2.3 per cent while industrials fell 0.3 per cent. the dow jones industrial average rose 303.52 points, or 1.21 per cent, at the open to 25,298.63. the s&p 500 opened higher by 23.88 points, or 0.80 per cent, at 3,015.65, and the nasdaq composite gained 5.90 points, or 0.06 per cent, to 9,346.12 at the opening bell. “the increasing prospect that a slowing infection rate and falling death count will see economies start to slowly reopen']